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Take care of your DUX furniture


At DUX, we believe in high quality and long-lasting durability. A DUX piece of furniture is designed to be cherished for years and to withstand multiple generations. That's why, with our concept reDUX, we aim to assist you in taking care of your design classics, whether you need to find a furniture upholsterer for repairs or if you want to purchase a pre-owned design furniture through a certified auction house. We can assist you with all aspects, thanks to our qualified and certified partners.

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ReDUX is focused on a sustainable future

As one of the world's leading bed and furniture manufacturers, we have our sights set on a sustainable future. Even back in Efraim's time, when DUX introduced the top pad, the motto was "why replace the entire bed if only the top part needs to be replaced?"

We take responsibility at every step, using materials that endure and designing pieces that are appreciated from one generation to the next.

Care. Share. Repair.

On, you can find everything from contact information for certified furniture upholsterers to tips and tricks on how to best take care of your DUX furniture.

Refurbished furniture by our Upholsterers